Birch is about the free-spirited adventurer, sunshine-loving, west-coast dreaming girl that lives somewhere within us all. We’re about positively standing out in a crowd, wearing our style with confidence and ease. One thing we always say is that we are not trendy - we curate timeless looks with unique details. Any given look could include floral, fringe, vintage prints, leather, lace, worn denim (to name a few) or a mixture of these. We always highlight certain trends that stay true to our core, because we want you to find forever pieces, be it a statement or everyday basic. We’re here to help you put together the perfect look, encouraging one-of-a-kind pieces, while staying true to you. Because after all, we want you to feel comfortable, confident and most importantly - inspired - walking out our door. 


Birch was born in 2016 by the sister-in-law duo Lindsay and Kellie Harrington. A dream come true for the us, we have always been inspired by fashion each season and are so happy to bring unique brands and our styling creativity to Worthington, greater Columbus and the world (we ship internationally!). Lindsay is a Worthington native and previous manager of a boutique in Northern Michigan; and Kellie worked in fashion editorial and advertising pre-Birch. Our personalities and previous experience complement us both, and all aspects of the business - from intently buying for each season to wardrobe styling to planning special events at the store. We have worked to carry brands that originate from Australia, California, and even in our own town of Columbus, many of the which are proudly designed and made in the USA.


The name “Birch” and interior aesthetic was inspired by the our favorite vacation spot and family home in Northern Michigan. A true family affair, you’ll catch us, our kids, and the rest of the Harrington family in store at any given visit.